Where’s my Remote


Shuri was frustrated. Among the Grove Team, she was the most avid photographer, and was very adept at taking beautiful shots only with her mobile phone. As part of Jo and Kai’s plan to keep everybody busy while waiting for rescue, she decided to make a digital photo album of the fauna of the island. And that’s what was frustrating her.

“What’s eating you Shuri? Other than the mosquitoes of course.”
“Nice try Ryo. But not effective here since Liana rigged up that bug repellent buzzer.”
“Right, in that case, what’s bugging you Shuri?”
Shuri sighed.
“I am having trouble getting my shots for the digital album.”
Dai queried. “Why? You’ve never had problems getting the best shots. I still love your collection of photos on old doors and windows back in our home town. Shooting animals should be a piece of cake for you.”
Shuri sniffed.
“But animals do something that doors and windows don’t.”
Ryo ventured.
“Er… they poop and may chomp you for a snack?”

“True. But it’s not that. They MOVE. I can’t get close enough to them to get a good shot. When I get into camera range, they bolt.”

“Have you tried the digital zoom?”
“Still not good enough. These critters get spooked by the sight of a human.”
Ryo and Dai thought hard. If there only was a way for Shuri to operate her phone camera from a distance- where animals won’t see her…

Additional Challenge

  • Using the accelerometer sensor, tilt to increase and decrease volume.

Learning Points

  • Use of in-built bluetooth function
  • Use of various input methods

Block Editor Code

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