Water Parade


“Ahdi… Adhi… hey buddy. You with me?”

Adhat opened his eyes slowly. He was lying on his back, and he could see that he was under the shade of the coconut frond shelter the team had built. And he was aching all over…

“Yeowch! What happened?”

Jo’s concerned face came into view. As did Pepe’s.

“Pepe was the one who found you and brought you back to camp.”

“Huh? What? Where was I? How come I don’t remember that?”

“Dude. You had gone out on your own hours ago to go beach combing. And when you didn’t come back for lunch we went out looking for you. I found you on the beach… out cold”

A terrifying thought flashed through Adhat’s mind as he scrambled to get up.

“Revive me? Pepe? OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO… You didn’t… you didn’t…”

Pepe shot him a quizzical look then glared at him with a disgusted look on his face.

“EEEEYEW… amigo I so did NOT give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation OK?”

Adhat breathed a sigh of relief.

Jo’s sniggered.

“He just dumped the entire tub of dirty laundry water on you.”

Adhat grimaced.

“Ah, that’s why I’m soaked through and smelling of old socks is it?”

Jo’s tone turned.

“Seriously though. You collapsed from heat exhaustion and dehydration!”

“Oh that explains the aches all over”

“Yes, my friend” Pepe chimed in. “I found you without a water bottle on you. Just how long had you been going without drinking some water?”

Adhat winced.

“I really don’t know. You know me, once I get into exploring, I lose track of time, and not care about anything else”

“Including hydrating yourself regularly. Good grief Adhi, you’re not a camel you know?” Jo pointed out.

“Although he sure looks like one” whispered Pepe.

Adhat eyeballed him with a few choice daggers.

“Well, cactus or camel, we’d better come up with a solution for Adhi’s problem or it’s no more exploring for him.”

Additional Challenge

Instead of counting how long more to your next drink, try making it show how long it was since your last drink!

Learning Points

  • Use of temperature sensor
  • Use of conditional statements
  • Use of Variables to store values
  • Display on Micro:bit LED Array

Block Code

Click the button below to download the block editor code for the thirstometer. The hex file is contained in a zip folder.

Kindly refer here for instructions on importing code into Micro:bit. 

This code can be imported into the micro:bit block editor.

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