Start-Up Lessons

This series of lessons are designed to used in conjunction with the foundation start-up kit to give an overview of the micro:bit, it’s on board functionality and how to code it. Some of these lessons are included in the booklet found in the kit.

Name Badge 

Start your digital learning with the micro:bit and create a fun and interactive name badge.

Roll a Dice 

Take another step along your digital education journey and explore more that the micro:bit has to offer. Build a dice with micro:bit and take advantage of the on-board functionality of the micro:bit.

Night Light 

Explore real world applications with the micro:bit and your code. Create a responsive night light and build your coding knowledge by using IF statements.


Turn the micro:bit into a wearable and track your movements throughout the day. Build the wearable and program the micro:bit to behave as a pedometer using some of the on-board sensors.

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