Radio Connect


Micro:bits can communicate with each other using radio. 

The challenge is to use one micro:bit to communicate with a second micro:bit by sending numbers which can be assigned depending on input.

Additional Challenge

  • This challenge is just a taste of how the radio function can be used to communicate with the micro:bit. The additional challenge is to explore the radio function further.

Learning Points

  • How to set radio group
  • Learn how to send numbers between micro:bits 
  • Use inputs to communicate numbers between micro:bits
  • Understand how to receive numbers from other micro:bits and transfer the numbers into strings.

Block Editor Code

Click the button below to download the block editor code for this challenge. The hex file is contained in a zip folder.

Kindly refer here for instructions on importing code into Micro:bit. 

This code can be imported into the micro:bit block editor.

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