Radio Calculator


Becoming a digital maker involves a certain amount of math calculations to be completed. Some of which are too complex to do in the head.

Most programmers will use a calculator every day but why not create your own and in the process get a more in depth look into how to make multiple micro:bits communicate with each other.

The challenge is to create a calculator that can perform the basic functions of add, subtract, multiply and divide for two input numbers. 

For this challenge you can use three micro:bits; one micro:bit to be a calculator and the other two to generate the numbers for the calculation.

Additional Challenge

  • Adapt your calculator to be able to deal with three input numbers.
  • Include some more complex calculations such as square root or ‘to the power of’.

Learning Points

  • Use of radio send and receive
  • Use and understanding of variables
  • Use of IF statements

Block Code

Click the button below to download the block editor code for the thirstometer. The hex file is contained in a zip folder.

Kindly refer here for instructions on importing code into Micro:bit. 

This code can be imported into the micro:bit block editor.