Foundation Science Kit

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Use digital technology to conduct science and STEM investigations with the foundation science kit.

Gain an understanding of how digital technology can be used in a traditional subject to engage students on a whole new level.

Included with this science kit is a curriculum booklet that introduces the micro:bit and the technology. In addition, the booklet has 4 science investigations that can be used to conduct curriculum practical investigations.

*Micro:bit not included.

Add a micro:bit, USB cable and battery for £15.00

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Using the foundation science kit users can conduct classic science investigations with the micro:bit. To begin with, the code required can be downloaded for each investigation. To take it further, code your own sensors using the micro:bit and create your own science investigations.


Mini Innovation Board for the Micro:bit
OLED Display Screen
Temperature Probe
Sound Sensor
Moisture Sensor
3 x Connector Cables


Micro:bit V1 or V2
USB Cable
Battery PAck
2 x AAA Batteries

Product Specs

Length: 17.5 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 5 cm