Destination Kitchen Capers

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The MicroMaker destination kits are DIY projects which offer the ability to build, code, and evaluate your own micro:bit devices that can be used in everyday life. The kits explore the use external components such as servo motors and buzzers and guide you through how to control them with the micro:bit.

The destination kitchen capers kit includes three projects to create useful devices that can be used around the kitchen.

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Kitchen Capers Projects

Project 1: Make the perfect cup of tea

Make the perfect cup of tea and take the chore and guesswork out of having to jiggle your teabag in the cup.


Project 2: Candy dispenser

Got a super craving? Get your sweet fix with some candy. But too many too soon may have you bouncing off the walls. Time to put some controls on that habit!


Project 3: Egg Timer

You don’t want leave your dinner in the oven too long now do you? Build and code your own egg timer and never burn a meal again.