Destination Fun Fair Fever

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The MicroMaker destination kits are DIY projects which offer the ability to build, code, and evaluate your own micro:bit devices that can be used in everyday life. The kits explore the use external components such as servo motors and buzzers and guide you through how to control them with the micro:bit.

The destination fun fair fever kit includes three projects to create games and fun activities that yu may find at the fair.

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Fun Fair Fever Projects

Project 1: Penny Pusher

The Penny Pusher is a collection banker of the learner’s choice. An interactive and fun way to save your coins. Assemble and program the arcade machine to push your savings to the collection point. To keep or spend, that’s your choice.


Project 2: Touch me Not

Touch Me Not requires a creative mind, dexterity, and patience. Build, bend and program your own wire puzzle game. Hoop through and avoid the wire or the buzzer will sound!


Project 3: Chuck Tracker

Take Aim and Throw – Make that Perfect Basket (Bin) Shot! Turn any ordinary rubbish bin* into a smart bin with a score tracker by mounting on the Chuck Tracker! Bin it to win it!