Number Rolls – Dice


“Hey that roll is SO bogus! I can bet my last dollar that your dice is loaded!” Glowered Pepe.

Dai countered. “Don’t be so dramatic. Firstly, you don’t have any money to bet. And of course the dice are loaded, just LOOK at them!”

Playing snakes and ladders was a bit trying for the team because of the existing “equipment”. Pepe had tried to fashion his own dice but given that coconuts were the only thing around that he could carve, the resulting dice were definitely not up to regulation standards. Slightly ovoid dice with uneven sides that occasionally leaked coconut water did not make very good dice rolls. Being roughly the same size of the roller’s head also made tossing them a bit tricky.

“Sigh. I wish we had a better way to get some dice rolls.”

Additional Challenge

  • Try programming your dice to have scrolling animated images instead of a number for that authentic feel!

Learning Points

  • Use of random number
  • Utilising Variable to store and display numbers
  • Display on Micro:bit LED Array

Block Editor Code

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