iLOG MicroBit Set-Up


Age Range: Any

Get started with iLOG Data Logging software, compatible with MicroMaker Education Foundation Science Kit! This guide will show you how to install the iLOG software to your system and connect your MicroBit device and Mini Innovation Kit accessory.


  • To install the iLOG Data Logging software to your device.
  • To Set-Up and successfully connect your MicroBit device with Mini Innovation Kit accessory.

Kit Required


MicroUSB Cable

Mini Innovation Board

iLOG Data Logging software

Download iLOG

  • Go to
  • Select Single License and add to basket
  • In the basket select the “Coupon Code” box and use the Coupon Code provided in your MicroMaker Education Foundation Kit
  • Select “Apply Coupon”
  • Proceed to Checkout and Complete the information
  • Read and tick T&Cs then select “Complete Order”
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the software

Install iLOG

  • Open downloads folder
  • Locate the Zip file for iLOG
  • Extract the Contents of the Zip file
  • Run the “Setup” executable file to begin installation
  • Follow installation process until complete

Once installation is completed open the iLOG Data Logging software

Set-Up iLOG with Microbit

  • Click on “Interface” in the “Set-Up” pane of the menu
  • In the drop-down selection choose the appropriate MicroBit device type
  • Click “Send iLOG firmware” to the device
  • Click “Ok” to begin this process
  • Once complete, click “Choose” to confirm your selection

Your MicroBit device and accessories are now connected and ready for you to begin your experimenting!

Please refer to Lesson Plans for further instruction

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