Vocab Quiz


Age Range: 9 – 13 years old

Students in this lesson will use multiple quiz games to help learn vocabulary in French and Spanish. There are a number of quiz options available in each language, each covering a different subject such as greetings, shopping and ordering food to name a few. 

Students can move on to creating there own quiz games and in the process learn programming skills with the micro:bit.


  • Learn vocabulary in French and Spanish using digital technology.
  • Understand how digital technology can be used to aid in the learning of traditional text book lead subjects.

Download the Code

MakeCode Editor

Click the button below to download the MakeCode editor code for this lesson. The hex file is contained in a zip folder.

Kindly refer to our download the code page for instructions on how to upload your code onto the micro:bit. Please use instructions set A.

This code can also be uploaded into the MakeCode editor.


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Kit Required


Mini Innovation Board

OLED Display

- MicroUSB Cable
- Battery Pack
- 1 x Connector Cable
- 2 x AAA Batteries


  1. Connect the micro:bit to the Mini Innovation board via the edge connector.
  2. Use the connector cable to connect the OLED display to the I2C connector on the Mini Innovation board.
  3. Connect the micro:bit to a computer via the microUSB cable.
  4. Download the code for the lesson quiz you wish to use and upload it onto the micro:bit. Go to the top of this page for more details. 
  5. Once the code is downloaded, unplug the micro:bit from the computer and connect the external battery pack.


  1. Each quiz has a total of 3 questions with a score out of 3 being shown at the end.
  2. The quiz will begin when the micro:bit is powered.
  3. Next, the first word or phrase will appear on the OLED display screen. Examples of the types of words and phrases are, ‘Bonjour’ or ‘J’aime’.
  4. There will be 3 options of answers. Option A can be selected by pressing button A on the micro:bit. Option B can be selected by pressing button B on the micro:bit. Finally, option C can be selected by pressing buttons A and B together. This will be clearly shown on the OLED display.
  5. Once an option has been selected a message will appear on the OLED display for 2 seconds which will state whether the answer was correct or incorrect.
  6. Once all 3 questions have been answered a score out of 3 will be shown on the OLED display. The score will be displayed for 5 seconds before the quiz restarts.

Taking it Further

  • Try all of the different quiz games to gain a broader knowledge of French and Spanish vocab.
  • Students can learn how to create their own quiz games by programming the micro:bit themselves. (Instructions coming soon).

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