Digital Maker Journey

What is a Digital Maker?

Most people use technology in some shape or form, but do those people understand the technology they use and know how to be creative with it? I expect not. A digital maker is a person that does exactly that. They understand, create and innovate with technology. Technology to a digital maker is a tool that empowers them to solve real-world problems and encourages them in digital creativity. 

The MicroMaker Vision

Our aim is to give students and adults alike the tools and resources to aid their growth as digital makers and to see change in digital education around the world.

The tools we offer are a range of kits and lessons based around the well known BBC micro:bit. These kits are designed to help you progress from beginner level micro:bit and coding skills to being a confident digital maker. 


This is where it all begins!

The MicroMaker first steps kit is the beginning of the road on your digital making journey. The kit includes the micro:bit and the lessons to introduce the device and the coding environment used for programming. 

There are a number of beginner and intermediate lessons that will assist you in building an understanding of the micro:bit. 

Additional challenges are also included to gently encourage creative thinking.


Now that you have taken the first steps along your digital making journey it is time get hands on and creative. Lets bring out the maker inside of you!

The MicroMaker destination kits are project based and offer a foundation of knowledge to how the micro:bit can be used to control external components and motors. 

Each destination kit includes 3 projects, all of which are devices to be built and programmed.

Explore the digital maker inside of you. Let your creativity run wild!

By this stage in your digital making journey you will have experienced the capabilities that the micro:bit has to offer. You will have used your knowledge to create and program physical devices that use the micro:bit to control them.

The MicroMaker exploration pack takes creativity to a whole new level! The kit includes a vast array of components and sensors that can be connected and controlled by the micro:bit using grove connections. 

There are a number of lessons available which offer step by step instructions on how to use and program the sensors and components included. Once you have completed these lessons it is up to you to turn on that creative brain and explore!

Keep in Touch

We would love to keep in touch with you and as a result aid you along your digital making journey.

Becoming a digital maker subscriber means you will receive exclusive offers and we will keep you up to date with new resources and kits, as well as upcoming events and workshops.

Let us know how your digital maker journey is progressing. Send us pictures and videos of your awesome creations and use the hashtag below.