Control Lessons

In these lessons, students will learn how to use the micro:bit to program external sensors and components. These lesson activities are to be used in conjunction with the Foundation Control Kit and Innovation Kit.

There are 2 sets of lesson activities to be worked through to gain an understanding of how the micro:bit can control external devices. The first set overviews how to program the micro:bit to control the sensors and components included in the Foundation Control Kit.

The second set of lessons expands on the knowledge gained from the first set and combines different components and sensors using the micro:bit to control them.

Section 1: Control Kit Booklet

Section 2: How to Program External Components and Sensors

Section 3: Combining External Components and Sensors

Buzzer Balance 

Design a game that tests hand-to-eye coordination and balance using both on-board and external sensors and components. Students will learn how basics of using a sensor input to control an output with the use of variables and if statements.

Soil Moisture Gauge

Use the moisture sensor and servo to create a soil moisture level gauge. Along with crafting skills a visual display of a plants soil moisture level can be created. In this lesson students will gain an understanding of how sensor inputs can be used to control motors and a controlled way.

Night Light

Create an automatic night light by combing the micro:bits on-board light sensor and the control kit’s bi colour LED.

Moisture Alert

Design and create a simple control system to notify the user when a plant’s moisture drops below a set level. Combining an external sensor and multiple external outputs the students will expand their knowledge of building useful control systems.

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