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Our range of free curriculum resources are available for a variety of subjects including Science, Computing and Languages. 

Learn how to use digital technology to conduct Science investigations, learn French vocabulary and much, much more!

All of our lesson resources contain teacher friendly lesson plans to help meet specific curriculum requirements.

Meet the Micro:bit

What is the micro:bit? How does it work?

Find out what the micro:bit can do and also how to program it.


Begin your digital education journey with the foundation kit range. Start by learning all about the micro:bit and other digital technologies. Then take it further and use these skills in subjects such as Design, Science and others.

Tinker, invent and INNOVATE with the MicroMaker Education innovation kit. Use skills learnt with the foundation kit range and take them further.

Take Science and Geography to a whole new level with the investigation kit range. Conduct investigations on motion, the environment and others with the digital hardware and resources provided. 

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Foundation Start-Up Kit

£27.00 excl VAT

Foundation Science Kit

From £33.00 excl VAT

Sensor Set Grove

£12.00 excl VAT

Mini Innovation Board

£10.00 excl VAT


6 days ago
Our Innovation Kit takes creativity to a whole new level! It includes a vast array of components & sensors that can be connected & controlled by the #microbit using the MicroMaker innovation board. Available now!
(Micro:bit purchased separately) #stem
1 week ago
With our Foundation Kit: Control edition, build on your knowledge of the #microbit & develop your skills further by connecting & coding external components, sensors & motors. Available now here:
#stem #edtech (Micro:bit available to purchase separately)

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